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In my 35-year career as an international opera and concert singer on some of the world’s most renowned stages, I have performed in front of large audiences as a singer and actor.

As well as my education at the music academy in Cologne, the great wealth of experience I have gained since then has given me inspiration as a voice, breathing and singing coach.

My experience has enabled me to develop a functional-empirical method that gives everyone – young or old, woman or man, amateur or professional – easier access to a healthy voice and correct breathing techniques.

A well-modulated voice, clearer projection and enunciation and increased levels of self-confidence will noticeably improve your professional and personal life. Consciousness of facial expressions and positive body language will help you to convey your thoughts and ideas more effectively to your listeners, be they your customers, your team or your family and friends.

Increase your awareness of life, offer your soul the right voice, bring optimal breathing techniques to your body. I will be happy to accompany you on your journey and look forward to the joint discoveries we will make on our voyage into your inner being.

Wolfgang Rauch | Atemtraining

Healthy breathing and the correct posture

The right breathing technique for your speaking, singing and everyday voice can be achieved by learning controlled deep breathing from the diaphragm. I can help you learn relaxation methods to avoid hyperventilation by giving you a better supply of oxygen to your body. I can help you strengthen the immunity of your upper and lower respiratory tract to prevent infection and to treat the after-effects of Covid-19. The correct posture not only influences your breathing and your voice, but also promotes your individual charisma and your self-confidence.

Wolfgang Rauch | Stimmtraining

Free speech through correct vocal organization

Your voice will be freed, made aware of its potential and strengthened. You will find your natural speaking posture as your voice gains a natural assertiveness, becomes more resilient and more beautiful. You will develop a new kind of joy in your voice, giving you the confidence to use it to its fullest extent.

Healthy singing technique

Sing freely and beautifully, whether classical or modern, whether beginner or professional, young or old! My singing technique combines the findings of functional techniques with the empirical knowledge of the old Italian Bel Canto singing technique. Anyone can learn this technique and gain more joy from singing.

Wolfgang Rauch | Der Atemtrainer

Make your pronunciation your business card!

With the mastery of correct high-level language, you “ennoble” the content and form of your oratorical presentation, whether in everyday life, at work or on official occasions.

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