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Voice training

“My voice no longer fails!”
“I’m finally being heard!”
“I don’t have to clear my throat all the time!”
“My voice is sonorous and pleasant!”
“My voice sounds confident!”
“I no longer get hoarse!”
“Now I can assert myself vocally!”
“No more unnecessary stage fright!”
“I like my voice!”

If your soul wants to say something, give it a voice.

Voice training with Wolfgang Rauch

The voice to success is the voice of the self

Discover the joy of your voice and develop its potential!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that the virus specifically attacks our respiratory tract, and an efficient method of prevention and therapy after the infection has passed lies in the correct configuration of our breathing. The correct use of the voice requires intensive training of the respiratory muscles.

We live in a highly communicative world based on the Internet and social media, and the spoken word is celebrating a big comeback via podcasts, YouTube, Zoom, Instagram Stories, audio books and other methods which are increasingly replacing the written word.

The individual sound of the human voice is becoming more important again, and acts as the key to success in many situations.

But who has not experienced those moments when the voice fails during a crucial presentation, an important speech or a major conference? Stage fright, a dry mouth, nervous clearing of the throat, shallow, panicked breathing, a mumbling, soft voice will lose your listeners, who feel uncomfortable as they strain to hear, eventually becoming uninvolved and uninterested. In the worst-case scenario, these symptoms can be increased if you have to fight against permanent background noise or poor technical transmission.

It has been proven that the success of a presentation increases by

  • 65% from body language
  • 30% from the voice
  • 5% from the content

In addition, up to 65% of the population suffers from chronic respiratory dysfunction.

These figures mean that everyone whose professional success and private happiness is influenced by digital and analogue oral communication should be interested in mastering not only their language but also their voice and giving it the sort of vocal body that differentiates the deep sound of a Steinway grand piano from a portable Casio keyboard.

With the help of my targeted voice training, your voice suddenly becomes a much more pleasant sound that you like to listen to, a sound that radiates persuasiveness and security and wins people’s sympathy in a simple and direct way.

Through the learning process of opening your lungs and getting involved with your voice via my voice training program, you will be able to overcome your lack of confidence. Your voice will become more authentic, more melodious, fuller and more resilient … and more seductive.

The more detailed training offered by my voice training program and the approaches and methods I use can be found in the explanations in the text on singing training.

If you would like to go on a journey of discovery into your voice with me, I would be happy to accompany you, and I look forward to whatever we discover together!


… find yourself through finding your voice
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