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performing will be taken away, your sense of self-perception and perception by others are sharpened, mindfulness is encouraged, and your social skills are strengthened.

My training is tailored to the specific needs of my customers and includes the following course modules:

Companies and Corporations

  • Presentation enhancement for top sellers, lawyers and representatives
  • Optimization of opportunities for promotion for young executives
  • Increased resilience for top managers
  • Optimization of any form of presentation
  • Strengthening of physical and mental conditions

Universities, Business Schools and Academies

  • Optimization of opportunities for advancement for young student executives
  • Training for all kinds of lectures, conferences and presentations
  • Formation of a convincing authority profile for young officers, teachers and professors
  • Voice care and training for the demands on the everyday voice

Politics, Media and Culture

  • Teaching techniques that improve speech endurance and intensity
  • The most beautiful voice wins: how to beautify your voice
  • Voice care and training for the demands of everyday speaking
  • Vocal coaching for campaign speeches, debates, interviews, talk shows etc.

The workshops can be held as seminars or as regular online or offline weekly classes.

Number of participants: 6 – 12

Location: Germany, Austria and Switzerland, travel costs to be borne by the participant.

Accommodation and meals depend on the wishes and places of residence of the participants. All costs are to be borne by attendees, depending on the level of provision chosen.


Why choose an advanced training workshop experience?

Treat yourself, your favorite customers, employees, family or friends to an extraordinary surprise. Stand out from other competitors and the usual events with this offer.

Our journey takes us inwards, where we will discover the beauty and potential of our voice, and the flow of breath that envelops our body and psyche in a profound sense of well-being. We will travel into a harmonious resonance with our environment, in which our personality becomes more recognizable.

The training program is identical to the program of the workshop seminar in an abbreviated form and is relevant because of the further education and training elements it includes.

Meanwhile, our journey also takes us outwards, to places of stunning beauty, lovely landscapes and mild climates, of gastronomic surprises and above all offers an exploration of great European culture and history.

Who are we, and where do we come from? It’s not simply about the luxury of tourism, it’s about a deeper experience of the sources of our identity. Today’s world risks losing its links to history and becoming lost in a new sense of faceless globalization that is not so readily comprehensible.

How can we understand other cultures or civilizations, mentalities and temperaments if we don’t know our own cultural heritage and the historic roots that have made the civilization we live in grow and develop?

Here I would like to give you new food for thought by questioning all that’s familiar and inviting you to travel in new directions, and to see the world from different perspectives.

Based on this I have selected 4 special locations for you, each of which is characterized by the beauty of its setting in the landscape, its beneficial climate, the distinctive light, the seductive gastronomy, the soothing wellness of its spa location and above all by the individually of its art and cultural history.

All my exclusive locations are within an hour’s journey of an international European airport and can be flown to for a weekend without too much travelling time. Here you can treat yourself and your participants to an unforgettable experience thanks to the unusual combination of topics and locations.

FRANCE, Picardy

Workshop - Chateau de Courcelles

Ort: Château de Courcelles, 8, Rue du Château, 02220 Courcelles-sur-Vesle, in der Picardie

Just an hour north of Paris lies this wonderful 17th century chateau with its own extensive park. Step inside and be transported back to the time of the Sun King to live like a God in the French countryside. As well as its princely interior, you can expect beautifully prepared French haute cuisine supported by a wonderful wine cellar.

Webpage: chateau-de-courcelles.fr

ITALY, Piemonte

Castello di Gabiano

Ort: Castello di Gabiano, Via S. Defendente 2, 15020 Gabiano Al., im Piemonte

Castello Gabiano lies just an hour from Torino, and its origins date back to the 8th century. Nestled in a softly undulating landscape high above the Po Valley that forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With breathtaking vistas of the Alps, you will step into a romantic medieval atmosphere. But don’t worry, the comfort is anything but medieval: the exclusive, individually designed rooms, the inviting wellness and spa area and the exquisite Piedmontese cuisine, a lot of which is grown or raised in the castle’s own garden, offer a pampering experience to the body and soul.

Webpage: castellodigabiano.com

SPAIN, Andalusia

Parador de Granada, Spanien

Ort: Parador de San Francisco, Calle Real de la Alhambra, 18009 Granada

Just over an hour from Malaga Airport, the Parador de San Francisco is located in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Alhambra in Granada. The building is a former convent built on the foundations of a Nazarene palace in 1494, after the conquest of Granada by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs. Come in and relax in a unique atmosphere where the Arabian Nights meet the mystical Middle Ages, where Islamic high culture in which images of deities are forbidden meets Christian veneration and the associated iconography of saints. To paraphrase Goethe: let yourself be intrigued by this demarcation between east and west, while enjoying the modern comfort and the exceptional cuisine of this Relais-Chateau.

Webpage: www.parador.es/es/paradores/parador-de-granada

SPAIN, Mallorca

Zoetry Mallorca

Ort: Zoetry Hotel Mallorca, Cami de Sa Torre km 8, 7, 07609 Llucmajor

Just half an hour from Palma de Mallorca Airport, this 14th-century fortified Mallorcan manor has an old windmill and neo-gothic chapel. Here, in the quiet solitude of Mallorca’s landscape permeated by the scent of the Macchia, is our boutique hotel with all its amenities: a large spa area, various bars, excellent gastronomy and pools, all set in a tranquil medieval ambience. The famous beaches of the Playa des Trenc are only half an hour away.

Webpage: zoetrymallorca.com

As a surprise for you and your guests, I will sing a small, varied and exclusive concert during each of the four trips to get you in the mood for the days we will spend together.

The trips are organized by a professional tour operator and a local team.

I would also be happy to put together a different travel arrangement for you if you prefer special places. Just let me know!


by and with Wolfgang Rauch

An extraordinary program for your special occasions.

Here I offer a special entertainment and events program in modular form, specially tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

Ideal for Companies that:

  • want to offer their most important customers something special
  • want to reward or motivate their best employees
  • want to launch new products
  • want to open new branches or flagship stores
  • want to celebrate an unforgettable company anniversary
  • and much more

Ideal for Universities, Business Schools and Academies, that:

  • want to celebrate graduations
  • are looking for a festive supporting program for special conferences
  • want to celebrate an anniversary
  • want to offer cultural classical experiences
  • want to inaugurate a new institute
  • and much more

Ideal for Politics, Culture and Media organizations that:

  • are looking to organize a campaign event, a conference or a party congress
  • are planning a special event, presentation or broadcast

More details can be found on my website vocalmoments.com .

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