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Breathing training with Wolfgang Rauch

„The first thing to learn is how to breathe“. (Buddha)

What a moment it must be when we see the light of this world and our lungs fill with air for the first time! And what follows that first inhalation is a scream that is embedded in our first exhalation.

And it is the intensity of a baby’s cries that helps us draw attention to ourselves in order to survive.

But before this acoustic laser works on our eardrums, the little primal screamer first takes a deep breath using a distinct form of abdominal breathing.

In the course of our lives, however, this unconscious way of breathing is disrupted and restricted through disease, environmental influences, psychological and physical factors or unconscious reactions and reflexes such as fear, nervousness, excitement, heat and cold, and even pain.

Since out lungs are the only organ that we have conscious access to, my breathing training specifically influences physical and psychological processes by raising awareness and controlling breathing.

The healing power of breathing is based on the fact that breathing (like no other bodily function) is closely linked to all our physical and mental processes.

In an intensive process of self-awareness, you must first distance yourself from everyday life and its negative stress in order to find your inner peace.

Through relaxation, deep abdominal breathing, body mapping and other forms of help, you will learn to explore your perceptions more deeply and become more aware of your breathing.

Special exercises for inhaling and exhaling can be learned through:

  • Gymnastic/manual techniques, with aids such as a blubber bottle or Spiro triball trainer.
  • Various breathing techniques to open the upper airways such as sniffing (“Benjamino Gilgli’s fragrant rose”) or yawning inhalation (“social yawning”)
  • Secretion-dissolving methods, such as knocking and explosive sound exercises on p-t-k, as well as on half-ring m-n-no
  • Strengthening of the respiratory system through voice and singing exercises, in particular using the air or breathing as part of the Lotta Vocale, the inspiratory countermovement in the controlled process of exhalation
  • Breathing rhythmization
  • Nose breathing vs mouth breathing
  • Activation of the head cavities and stimulation of the production of the important nitric oxide (NO) through special vocal exercises

This training will benefit both your mind and your body:

  • Your airways will become freer, more resilient and more resistant. Doctors are now working more and more with respiratory trainers and opera singers to prevent and treat COVID-19 infections. Meanwhile, other diseases of the airways such as chronic bronchitis, asthma and functional respiratory disorders are also being treated more effectively
  • Your immune system will become stronger, especially in the area of the upper airways, through stimulating the production of the body’s own nitric oxide (NO) in the area of the head cavities, which kills germs in the air we breathe
  • Your heartbeat and blood pressure will benefit; the pH value of your blood will be stabilized through better CO2 management, and your oxygen supply and metabolic levels will also improve
  • Tensions in the musculoskeletal system of your head and upper body will be released
  • Your posture and body language will improve
  • You will learn to relax more easily, your sleep will become deeper and your physical condition will improve
  • You will deal better with states of exhaustion and burnout, depression and anxiety or sleep disorders by strengthening and activating your breathing
  • Your voice will grow stronger, your demeanor will become more authentic and more self-confident, you will feel more coherent within yourself, you will no longer be overlooked

“Use it, or loose it”rostet”

In general, exercise and training of the respiratory system will increase the volume of the lungs, improve breathing, improve oxygen uptake and transport – especially in the brain, which slows down the ageing process and protects against dementia. Exercise and training will promote physical well-being, lead to mental balance, strengthen the immune system, and increase your awareness of life and your quality of life!


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